I have recently discovered a new type of poem, new to me at least, and I love how the pattern of repeated lines changes the meaning of the line.  Here is one I wrote this week, amid my new found passion of cleaning out the clutter and embracing the space left behind. Enough I thought I was afraid of not having enough, the fear woke me gasping at night, glossy … Continue reading

First Impressions of A Second Thought

Recently, I was introduced to a wonderful store.  A Second Thought Resale Shop, located in Rochester NY, asked me if I would like a $25 gift certificate to try out their store and blog about my experience. Sure! Little did I know how much fun I was about to have. I arrived with my savvy … Continue reading

Coming Home to the Sea

Most people hear birds chirp, and are calmed. For me, it’s the cry of the seagull that lulls me to peace. Into the porous sand beneath my feet, all my fears and worries slip slowly away. The changing winds of the sea hold me up, embracing me this way and that, in a glorious lover’s … Continue reading

The Exquisite Ordinary

Thanks so much to everyone that shared the excitement of my book with me! In its first week of life, The Exquisite Ordinary has sold 50 copies in paperback and 14 on Kindle! They are available at amazon, and also at Liftbridge Book Shop in Brockport. So sorry to say that it is not available … Continue reading

Forming Pots

“It’s not pots we are forming, it’s ourselves.” MC Richards wrote that. Even as I write, I hear the gentle squeak of the kick wheel as Aaron creates in the basement. Just hearing the occasional kick and the ever changing rhythm of the potter’s wheel, I can almost feel the stress leaving his body. Allowing … Continue reading

Youth Retreat

A guitar strums amid conversations. An annoying game beeps incessantly as people laugh and play and bond around it. The smell of pancake syrup and sausage still warms the air, though breakfast is long cleaned up and put away. Hot chocolate is the drink of choice.   We laugh loudly, play with all that is … Continue reading

Leaf Dancers

The sound of applause filled the fall air, as the wind blew through the tops of the trees. As if on cue, a troupe of dancers clad in golds, orange and red pirouetted across the cloud covered stage.   Giggles and anticipation filled the air as a young voice yelled at the top of her … Continue reading

Stain Glass

There is a song by Diana Jones called “Cracked and Broken” that has me mesmerized.  One line is “Cracked and broken and beautiful, that’s how the light shines through.”  Wow. Here’s a link to the song: In a piece of stain glass, each tiny piece of glass has a story, has been on a journey … Continue reading

Unwrapping Our Dreams

Yes, there is probably someone else that can do that thing you do better than you.   But chances are, they are not standing where you are.  You are surrounded by people, right now, that would love to hear and see and share in that gift you have that you are hesitant to share.   … Continue reading

Spirit is Moving

I could feel no wind on my face, just the warmth of the early summer sun. Yet the huge, old tree just beyond the playground fence danced and swayed in the breeze. I found it comforting.   I am talking to Spirit a lot these days, and listening. I am following the quiet urgings she … Continue reading