My mind feels like the calm in the storm. Not because a storm is not raging. Not because I don’t have strong feelings about the storm, and its possible consequences. Somehow, thankfully, I am calm in the midst of the storm simply because I can see far enough around me to know my anxiety will not affect the storm; it will only affect me. I can clean up the debris afterward, and tape the windows and store up water before. I can hold a frightened animal and give comfort during the storm. But to fret about it assumes I have some measure of control over it, and to realize I cannot control the storm fills me with an entirely different feeling of power.

My sight has to extend beyond myself; I must take in the whole scene to realize my part. Realizing my part is small does not diminish my worth; a battery is a small part of an electronic device, but essential. While I know I am not the power source, and am glad I do not hold that responsibility, I do have a sincere responsibility to use and share the gifts I have been given; to stand up and do my part. I will not know how the ripples from my art will touch another, but having felt that touch from so many others, I have no doubt of its power.

Power isn’t something to gather and hoard and scheme to make larger. Rather, power is the energy that simply moves through us, giving and receiving it connects us to one another and to the whole.

Many times, when I have felt the power of God in my life, it is not in the still quiet moments I am alone with my Creator, although that happens occasionally. No, most often I experience the power of God through another. Through someone else allowing God’s power and energy to flow through them, igniting the gifts placed in each vessel, I see a swirl and connection of beauty and power that could not happen without the willing vessel in quite the same way.

May you see and cherish your gifts, and allow God’s power to move through you, igniting all of God’s community.

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