Spirit is Moving

I could feel no wind on my face, just the warmth of the early summer sun. Yet the huge, old tree just beyond the playground fence danced and swayed in the breeze. I found it comforting.


I am talking to Spirit a lot these days, and listening. I am following the quiet urgings she whispers, most of which lie just outside my comfort zone. I trust that the winds of change that I see working in others, and I’m beginning to feel her breath on my cheek as well.


Slowly, ever so slowly, I am beginning to trust the gifts I know I have held all my life. Until now, I have only had the courage to unwrap them once in a while, share them with those closest, and quickly wrap them up again. I’m starting to forget why I needed to keep them so protected; starting to enjoy the feeling of the warm sun on their faces. I think it’s because now, I only want them to be what they were created to be.


For years I glanced at my gifts, and then stared at the works of masters, professionals, others obviously “better” than mine. I packed them away in shame. The gifts are growing restless. They do not desire to win awards, or compete or be held up to any standard. They are simply asking to be held in the light. They are from Spirit, from my Creator, and they deserve to be cherished and fed and, yes, held in the Light.


I think I’ll recycle their boxes, they won’t be needed any longer.

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2 thoughts on “Spirit is Moving

  1. yesssssssssssssssssssssssss! Such LIGHT surging through this treatise! “The gifts are growing restless.” –I can feel that too! And seeing it in words–from “another” –is GIFT itself! THAT–is why we exorcise–exercise–practice! After all–it’s just all…practice! I’m glad to see you Rachel!

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