Unwrapping Our Dreams

Yes, there is probably someone else that can do that thing you do better than you.


But chances are, they are not standing where you are.  You are surrounded by people, right now, that would love to hear and see and share in that gift you have that you are hesitant to share.


I believe if everyone shared, with abandon, the gifts and talents they hold, dreams everywhere could be realized.

The secret is – together we hold the pieces to one another’s dreams.

What if we opened our gifts together, like a big Christmas morning, with wrapping paper and pretty bows thrown with abandon, and then we really looked at all the gifts and how we might use them together.

Oh, what magic we hold!  When we get over ourselves enough to reach out and share the gifts we hold, the pieces of someone else’s  dream- we leave room for someone to help us realize our own dreams.  Nothing lost, only joy to be gained.

When we share our gifts we can begin to achieve the dreams of all of us.

So dream on!!

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