Stain Glass

There is a song by Diana Jones called “Cracked and Broken” that has me mesmerized.  One line is “Cracked and broken and beautiful, that’s how the light shines through.”  Wow. Here’s a link to the song:

In a piece of stain glass, each tiny piece of glass has a story, has been on a journey that includes beauty, pain, creativity, loss.  Each piece comes together, deliberately placed by an artist into a thing of beauty.  Alone, the glass shard is just a dangerously sharp sliver of color.  But once safely nestled in the strong mortar, surrounded by other shards, we are all safe, our sharp edges covered and surrounded so that, through the safety of the artist’s mortar, we can create with others a thing of beauty.

Art through which our Creator’s light can shine onto the faces of God’s children.

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