Posted in December 2012

The Exquisite Ordinary

Thanks so much to everyone that shared the excitement of my book with me! In its first week of life, The Exquisite Ordinary has sold 50 copies in paperback and 14 on Kindle! They are available at amazon, and also at Liftbridge Book Shop in Brockport. So sorry to say that it is not available … Continue reading

Forming Pots

“It’s not pots we are forming, it’s ourselves.” MC Richards wrote that. Even as I write, I hear the gentle squeak of the kick wheel as Aaron creates in the basement. Just hearing the occasional kick and the ever changing rhythm of the potter’s wheel, I can almost feel the stress leaving his body. Allowing … Continue reading

Youth Retreat

A guitar strums amid conversations. An annoying game beeps incessantly as people laugh and play and bond around it. The smell of pancake syrup and sausage still warms the air, though breakfast is long cleaned up and put away. Hot chocolate is the drink of choice.   We laugh loudly, play with all that is … Continue reading