Rachel Whaley Doll grew up on the coast of North Carolina, and studied voice and education at East Carolina University. She enjoys sharing her music with all ages, and has recently begun using a paintbrush as well as her voice to express her creativity and connect with others.

cover of Exquisite Ordinary

I am happy to announce that there is a new book available!  The Exquisite Ordinary is a kaleidoscope of moments, seeing that the everyday is anything but ordinary. There’s a little fiction, some honest faith conversations, thoughts on the creative process, and insights from children and grown ups to stretch and inspire us all.  Available at amazon.com. 

Rachel is also a member of Women of the Well, a Biblical storytelling troupe located in Rochester, NY. With this troupe, she leads music in a variety of program and retreat settings, and shares stories of Biblical women as well as more recent women of courage. She is delighted to have a place to strengthen her faith and the faith of others through storytelling and music, even writing some music of her own!

A four year battle with infertility shook her faith in God and in herself. Writing through the journey helped her to keep her sanity, and also helped her connect with others. Those writings have been shared through magazine articles and contributed to two books. Rachel is currently working on a book that will delve into the doubts and questions of faith that so often accompany the hard struggles on our journey, but are seldom discussed. Her writing has been described as “irreverently faithful, refreshingly honest and deeply connectional.”

Today she spends her days experiencing the world with her two amazing daughters, volunteering in the community and, as always, composing, painting and writing.  Check out more of her writings at http://rachelwhaleydoll.blog.com and also at


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